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RKVY - Check Dam



"Check dams" are small barriers built across the direction of water flow on nala, shallow rivers and streams for the purpose of water harvesting.


  1. To capture the runoff rainwater and make it to percolate in the soil profile.
  2. To increase the ground water table.
  3. To give protective irrigation in times of moisture stress to increase the production and productivity of the crops
  4. The water stored in various water harvesting structures can be made used for livestock and domestic needs To retain water flow in the nala and make it available for more number days.
  5. To make water available during spraying of pesticides.
  6. To avoid scouring of sides of nala
  7. To avoid siltation of large water storage structures and make them viable for more number of years.




  • The districts should prepare action plan as per the financial allocation and implement the construction of Checkdam after getting the approval from the head office.
  • The checkdams that are the part of District irigation plan (DIP) should be implemented under RKVY.
  • The Construction of Checkdams in 108 backward Taluks of the State should be implemented on Watershed basis only.
  • While selection of site for constuction of checkdam one should confirm with the other line departments.
  • Before the construction of checkdam concerned Assistant Director of Agriculture and Agriculture Officer should visit the site and confirm the technical suitability.
  • During the construction of checkdam one should strictly follow the instructions given in the technical manual, Circulars and Schedule of Rates (SR)issued by the Department.
  • As per the circular, Officers of different cadre should invariably carry out their respective percentage check measurement.
  • The photographs of construction of checkdams should be taken by a professional photographer by using high resolution camera in three stages i.e., before implementation, during implementation and after completion of construction of Checkdam.
  • The information of longitude & latitude of checkdam should be collected and quality parameters should be maintained as per OK Card.
  • The information regarding the construction of Checkdams should be provided to the locally elected representatives(Village / Taluk / Zilla Panchayath Members, Members of Legislative Assembly / Legislative Council and Members of the Parliament).
  • The concerned Deputy Dirctor of Agriculture nominated as Nodal Officer for Watershed Department should supervise the implementation of construction of checkdams and report to the Joint Director of Agriculture from time to time.
  • At the district level the concened Joint Director of Agriculture should conduct meeting of concerned Taluk level officers once in 15 days and review the progress made under construction of checkams as per the Physical and Financial Target allocated to the concerned Taluks.
  • The progress made under the construction of Checkdams under RKVY will be periodically reviewed in the Video conference organised by the Head Office.
  • The progress of construction of the checkdam under RKVY should be submitted to the Head Office in the prescribed format within 5th of every month.
  • All Payments to be made under RKVY under Head of Account: 2401-00-800-1-57should be through Treasury. Watershed Development Department Treasury (TNMC) and uploaded to Joint Director of Agriculture.
  • The Joint Director of Agriculture should inturn release the funds to Taluk Assistant Director of Agriculture as per their Action Plan.
  • The bills for construction of checkdams should be submitted by the Assistant Director of Agriculture to the treasury and issue the cheque given in the name of Head mazdur.
  • All the Transactions of the above schemes should be recorded in the Cashbook and amount should tally with the 62-B given by the Treasury and maintain the accounts.

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