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As recommended by the Committee Constituted by National Development Council (NDC) and also with a view of reclamation and development of problem (Alkali, Saline and Acid) soils to meet the demands of foodgrain of ever increasing population, a dedicated “Scheme for Reclamation of Problem Soils” has been introduced as sub scheme of Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) during the year 2016-17. After having implemented this scheme on pilot basis in selected potential States, which have higher extent of problem soils will be taken up as a standalone Centrally Sponsored Scheme.


  1. To reclaim and develop problem soils (lands affected by alkalinity, salinity & acidity).
  2. To adopt need based site specific on farm development, bio-engineering measures and application of soil amendments in Projectised Approach.
  3. To improve soil fertility and productivity by application of soil test based judicious use of fertilizers and application of macro & micro nutrients, etc..
  4. To enhance crop yields by adoption of salt tolerant crop/tree farming systems to ensure food security of the country; and
  5. To create awareness amongst farmers & stakeholders for continuous cultivation to prevent re-occurrence of problem of alkalinity, salinity and acidity in conjunction with other ongoing missions. Strategy.

Expected Outcome

The implementation of the scheme of reclamation of problem (alkali, saline and acidity) soils may result following benefits:

  1. The reclamation of areas affected by problem soils will result in increase in soil fertility & productivity as compared to present level.
  2. Such reclaimed areas will be put mostly under double crops (Rabi and Kharif),leading to increase in cropping intensity by 200%.
  3. Increase in farmers income and employment opportunities may result in reducing rural to urban migration.
  4. Larger area under green cover will lead to higher carbon sequestration & thereby will help climate change adaptation & mitigation efforts.
  5. Increase in productivity will enhance overall foodgrain production and thereby sustaining food security of the country.

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